Scott Pommier x Fisher-Price

Scott Pommier's latest work for Fisher-Price has been named Adweek' Ad of the Day. The spot, encouraging us to awaken our inner child, takes us back into that forgotten world where any object in the house had the potential for unlimited fun. 

The campaign, titled “See Toys Everywhere” and created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland, shows how everyday items become thrilling when viewed through the eyes of a child. A broom becomes a guitar, a hairbrush becomes a microphone, a banana becomes a phone, and a hose transforms into a snake.

The close-up shots of the tagged objects, paired with the innocent child's voice-over allows us to be submerged into the environment. The bright colours and soft grade turn the realistic homes into blissful imaginative worlds.

This piece is a nice reminder that toys and playfulness are really all around us... we just have to look for them. 

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