Phil Lind x Costa

Phil Lind has directed a tongue-in-cheek online campaign for Costa. The four films, set respectively in a gym, on a bus, in a kitchen, and a living room tell the story of everyday mishaps that happen, even to best of us, when we have a momentary lapse in concentration through a lack of coffee.

The films portray everyday, authentic situations that turn sour. 

Shot just before lockdown. Edited during the first lockdown. The whole campaign was finished over zoom calls. Strangely the ‘working from home’ script somehow predicted the future…  As Phil said “I didn’t realise at the time that we were shooting it that it became very relevant, very quickly.” 

“Working on this Costa campaign during lockdown has been great. It's the sort of messaging you want. Humorous performances to land brand messages.”

"Humour is  most powerful tool in our arsenal when it comes to making memorable ads. Humour is our second language and is especially useful when we are nervous, or under pressure. The films bring together all the elements of ‘witty thinking’ – humour, irony and playfulness."

"My favourite at the script stage was the egg", says Phil, "it’s actually something I did myself in real life one morning after a little too much to drink the night before..." 

The greatest challenge for some of the cast members of this campaign, was to be able to deliver gestures and facial reactions that describe internal turmoil - all perfectly timed for every frame of the narrative. It's all about the importance of the right humour, especially, in the right moment.

At the end of the day, good brands realise that what we all need are injections of light-hearted positivity. This last 12 months have been a rough ride, no matter where in the world you are. So...let’s try to have a laugh, shall we?

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