Mikkel Blaabjerg has officially joined the rapidly expanding Mad Cow Films talent roster. A creative mind and problem solver, Mikkel naturally elevates ideas with powerful storytelling and his bold style. 

Born to artistic parents, Mikkel's life has always been an organic canvas for his creative inclinations. His journey into the filmmaking space was kickstarted in 1997 when he was cast as a lead actor role in a prominent Danish film production where he thought to himself, "I'd way rather be on the other side of this camera".

Since then, Mikkel transitioned into the realm of directing, establishing himself as a formidable talent in the industry. A seamless blend of naturalism and larger-than-lifeness marks his signature style. At the heart of his work is profound emotion, be it with a humorous edge or striking drama.

Mikkel is best described as a solution-driven creative driven by an insatiable need to delve deep into the creative essence of concepts presented by clients. He meticulously crafts narratives that resonate, infusing them with emotion and depth to ensure impactful engagement.

Mikkel has directed an impressive portfolio comprising over 150 commercials for clients such as IKEA, LEGO, The United Nations, EY, Purina, and many more.

Emma Yardley, Head of New Business, says â€śMikkel is an incredibly likeable person, and his charisma and expertise are felt throughout his body of work. It seems that there isn't anything he can't do, from cinematic tear-jerkers to dynamic and vibrant spots that are packed with energy. We're all really excited to have him on board at Mad Cow and look forward to seeing where his career in the UK takes him." 

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