Mad Cow Films launches its new division: Milk Machine

Mad Cow Films celebrates its 25-year anniversary by launching a new division: Milk Machine.

This new venture will focus on producing work that falls outside the scope of traditional TVC production. After four successful years’ operating within Mad Cow Films, the division is now forging its own identity.

Milk Machine will be under the leadership of Harry Moore as Head of Production, working alongside Nelta Kasparian as Partnerships Manager.

As Harry says: ‘Our vision is to push the envelope of creativity by crafting engaging and brilliant work, without many of the constraints we often all face in traditional TVC production."

"Over the last four years we have carried out multiple successful projects for companies such as LEGO, Mainline, Acora & EE. The success of these projects has validated this new way of approaching production. Milk Machine will be here to nurture new talent, tell culturally relevant stories, and deliver the best results for our clients." 

The expansion has been born as a response to changes in the industry as Pete Chambers, Executive Producer at Mad Cow explains:

“The Content Division has produced some amazing work and we wanted to give them a chance to flourish even more under their own banner. They are creating really interesting partnerships with brands and their strategic thinking is backed up with incredibly supple production. They are an extremely proactive team in a very fast-moving environment and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they create.”

Milk Machine will have more flexibility in the way it approaches production: working with a wide range of freelance directors and creators, giving the division access to a multitude of resources, tools, and ideas to curate the perfect team for each project.   
With a focus on working closely with clients, the division’s structure is designed to facilitate support specifically in the early stages of the creative process. By helping brands formulate ideas that match their budget and goals, and by streamlining the process, more budget will ultimately be spent on-screen.

Have a brief or want to know more? Get in touch with Harry and visit             

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