Step right up and marvel at the retro-futuristic and mesmerising, “Carnival of the Ages: An AI Generated Film Unveiling a Cinematic Odyssey Through Time and Space”.

Mad Cow director and artificial intelligence pioneer Justin Hackney has recently released a short film through RealDreams.io which was entirely generated using transformative AI tools.

Immerse yourself in the perfect combination of 1940's charm and nostalgia, haunting and hypnotic imagery, and radical innovation. The evocative world was created using DALL-E, MidJourney, Gen2, Runway, and Chat GPT. As a natural filmmaker, Justin was able to expertly guide these cutting-edge tools to create a world that is whimsical yet eerie – perfectly reflecting the general consensus of AI. By collating reference images and speaking the AI language, a whole colour palette, tone, and storyboard for the film was generated in a matter of minutes.

If you’re wondering why the narrator’s voice feels so familiar and of its time, it probably reminds you of the pilot episode of the Twilight Zone from which Justin extracted multiple sound bites to train his AI narrator. By marrying the sound bites and Chat GPT’s abilities, Justin was able to not only replicate an authentic narration, but also work collaboratively with the AI to create a full script for the film that could be tweaked in real time. 

The rise of AI filmmaking is fast approaching and with it comes mixed emotions from brands, agencies, and production companies alike. When discussing the role AI is beginning to play in our creative spaces, Justin says; 

"Artificial intelligence is a crazy thing. You can have the Einstein of everything. The best director, the best cinematographer, the best composer, music, lighting, everything at your disposal. So, it's really people who are critical thinkers, and drivers, just doers that are going to do well with this. [Carnival of the Ages] didn't cost me anything to, and I basically did it in 48 hours.

“Ultimately, we could be creating incredible things if everyone could jump in and feel that the water’s warm and that you're not gonna drown. Have some fun, create some stuff, I think it's a lot less scary than people think. For me, it’s the exact opposite. It’s freeing and exciting and opens up a whole new realm of creative possibilities."

Despite still being in the dawn of AI's capabilities, there is no hiding from it now. There is an undeniable cost-effective and time-efficient edge that makes these tools an incredibly competitive resource for film production.

It brings with it a new wave of creative expression and freedom, allowing people to create and explore possibilities in a new digital era. Why we create, how we create, and what we create is shaped ever more by the latest technology at our disposal.

Will you be joining the AI Renaissaince?


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