Justin Hackney Directs New Heartwarming Campaign for Fairy Non Bio

Mad Cow Films director Justin Hackney has recently worked on the new Fairy Non Bio campaign, “To My Baby” to promote the collaboration between Fairy and GOSH- Great Ormond Street Hospital charity, airing on Father’s Day this June.

“To My Baby” is to encourage parents to remember their first, most fundamental wishes for their children and share them in a letter. A keepsake for life, and a reminder of what is most important: health, happiness and love. For every “#ToMyBaby” shared online, Fairy pledge to donate £1 to GOSH. 

The campaign is a sweet and touching tale where we watch three celebrities read a letter to their own babies about their hopes and dreams for their futures. It highlights the emotional journey of becoming a parent and the struggles you may face. Featuring Tom Daley, Vogue Williams and Matt Dawson, we follow three very individual outlooks on parenthood. 

The cause is close to home for England rugby star, Matt Dawson, following the illness of his own son Sami, who sadly contracted meningitis at just 2 years old. Sami himself was treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital, so the Dawson family have an unbounded amount of respect and gratitude for the wonderful staff there. Matt’s genuine authenticity really resonates through the camera and makes the message behind the campaign that much more powerful.

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