HanzoHanzo directs 'Future Genesis | Chapter One' for Oakley

The film follows a series of trailers released in 2023 that showed us a glimpse of the universe Oakley have developed. 'Future Genesis' is a continuation of Oakley's iconic 1992 campaign 'Max Fearlight', that last saw Max as he ventured out of his bunker into the unknown.

Directed by the brilliant HanzoHanzo, the film features razor-sharp animation and powerful storytelling in which Max Fearlight has a new mission - to protect his family from a destructive and futuristic world.

It marks the start of Oakley's new era as it seeks to answer the question that gripped viewers over two decades ago; 'What lies beyond the bunker?' Most importantly we're introduced to Max's wife Sasha, and his curious daughter Maxine, which opens up a myriad of possible storylines.  

The campaign beautifully balances the origins of Oakley’s culture with themes of the future, design and the power of technology. 

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