Mad Cow director Hans Emanuel has created a dynamic, cinematic film for Nissan based on the true story of Sergio Tapiro.

On December 13th, 2015, Mexican photojournalist, Sergio Tapiro felt the rumbling of Mount Colima, a volcano he had been studying and photographing for the past 15 years.

He rushed to it & captured a remarkable moment, the volcano erupting in a plume of ash and lava as a lightning bolt struck it, illuminating the scene against the star filled sky.

In October 2020 Hans Emmanuel teamed up with Nissan and Sergio (playing himself) on a 2-week trip through the Mexican jungle to recreate this amazing event and the result is an epic visual storytelling feast. 

The spot opens with energetic match cuts, showing the awakening of both Sergio and the volcano. As the film unfolds, we follow Sergio driving his Nissan Frontier through jaw-dropping jungle and mountain scenery, leading to the climactic moment that the volcano erupts and he captures the shot that was to win him National Geographic’s Travel Photographer of the Year award in 2017.

Watch the full film below!


Agency: Terán
Director: Hans Emanuel
Director of Photography: Roman De Bujo
Editor: Giacomo Prestinari 
Music & Sound Design: Monster Music
Post Production:  UPP
Post VFX Supervisor: Mario Dubec
Colorist: Ondřej Štibingr
Creative: Pablo Cárdenas 
Creative Directors:  Jaime Gonzalez, Díaz de Cossio

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