Floris Ramaekers joins Mad Cow Films

Floris Ramaekers is an award-winning writer-director from The Netherlands, now based in London. His portfolio includes commercials, brand films and short films.

His commercial work spans across Petronas, Amazon Audible, and MTV - with wider work including Sony Music, Mercedes, Channel 4, American Express, BBC, Disney, Star Wars, Channel 5, DHL, the NHS and many more.

Throughout his career, Floris has directed A-list talent such as Cate Blanchett, Graham Norton, Lewis Hamilton, Richard Armitage and more.

Talking about early inspiration, Floris says: “I wanted to be a comic book artist and music producer in my early teenage years until I figured that a career in film combines both. I figured it was probably my only acceptable path forward to not get a real job as an adult and it turns out I was right.”   

And what films inspire him most you may ask. Well, paradoxical to his own style, Floris has sought much inspiration from Edgar Wright’s films Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

When he isn’t behind the camera, you can catch Floris skateboarding, surfing, paragliding, or hanging out with his young daughter.   

Amongst all this, Floris also released a short film in 2021 titled ‘Mother Tongue’, which sees 23-year-old Candide borrow her sister's baby in order to strengthen her benefits claim.

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