Alberto Accettulli joins Mad Cow Films

Alberto grew up in Genoa, Italy. He started riding a bike in his teens after he saw the film The Goonies, but instead of catching pirates and kissing his dream girl, he ended up being quite a good freestyle mountain biker. Looking for a sponsor, Alberto started filming his rides leaving a small JVC camera on a tripod or handing it to a friend.. The performance film allowed him to get a few technical sponsors and he started to travel the world trying not to break his neck while jumping off a stairway, sliding a hand rail or flipping on a ramp. To his mother ’s joy, he survived.

By 23, he knew he was a good rider, but not in the top 5, so, not good enough make a decent living. He quit riding and threw himself 100% into filmmaking. 

At the time, Jackass was very popular on MTV and he thought that if they could make a show with amateur equipment he could do the same. So, he started shooting videos for action sports brands such as Nike, Red Bull, Eastpak and other technical brands involved in the freestyle industry.

 From there he moved to glamorous Milan and became a one man show/camera guy…shooting pretty much everything.. weddings, yacht parties , sport events, branded content, even  plastic surgery procedures! Then he started to shoot motorcycles, making documentaries in the US & Europe, and from there, the transition to shooting cars was easy, turning him from a so called “ videographer" into a commercial director!

He started to do commercials for Toyota, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, when fate called and he got the opportunity to shoot in Indonesia. He fell in love with the country and moved to Jakarta while also spending time in Indonesia and Singapore (the weather in Bali was much better than Milan). 

After a while, chasing the American dream of making movies he moved to Los Angeles, where he shot his first global campaign for Jeep, followed by the launch films for the Gladiator and Compass. His professional sports background has been a very important factor in developing his unique filming style. Alberto loves traveling as much as he loves to be behind the camera and as an avid frequent flier miles collector, he's always on the move, but mostly living in Los Angeles, where he pays an outrageous rent for being always away.  

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